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April's Reading List

I'm fulfilling the statement of "better late than never"... Whoops.

These books have been selected from my shelves and have never been read. I've varied the genres and lengths of the books, to give myself some grace, as well as adventure.

What am I most excited for you ask? I'm pumped to begin my journey into the world of Harry Potter. I've never read the books, and felt that now was the perfect moment in my life to take them on. If you're a fan, let me know your thoughts. If you despise the books, and I can't imagine you do, because that means you'd have finished one of them and that's a large commitment, drop your comments below. All opinions are welcomed!

I'll keep y'all up to date on materials read, after thoughts, mid-way breaks (maybe) and more.

I hope you're diving into some incredible books this month and I hope that you find something new to read from my list.

As always, happy reading friends!



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