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Actor, Storyteller, Director

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“You don’t get anything for nothing. Everything has to be earned, through work, persistence, and honesty.” Grace Kelly


Upon sliding down the banister singing "All That Jazz", at the age of four, it became apparent to Ashtyn that her life would always be dedicated to the arts. Spoiler... she was right!  Ashtyn's fallen madly in love with storytelling and lives for the magic of collaborating with others. 

This bubbly Arkansas native has just finished her BFA in Acting for Film and Television from Hussian College In Studio (formerly known as Studio School Los Angeles). In recent years, Ashtyn has worked on musicals, short films and even found herself directing a play. She’s happiest when she's enrolled in an improv class and will jump through any hoop to make someone laugh. Ashtyn is strong-willed, resilient and ready to take on whatever the world throws her way.


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